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For Friends & Family

 1 owner means same household.

Each owner  = 1 Car = Max 2 Adults

Puppy Walks - Teenagers - Mature.

Click on required time and then scroll to correct amount of dogs/owners attending.

Same household

1 Car -  Max 5 people

 Payments is required at time of booking.

Our regulars who pay cash can still continue to do so, just click on pay offline at checkout. Bank transfer will still be accepted from those who prefer it but must be done at time of booking, if booking multiple slots then you can pay for these 1 week prior to your slot. For everyone else, if you have not been coming for over 6 months on a very regular basis then all payments will need to be made at time of booking.For anyone who is not a regular but wants to book multiple slots in advance and pay later then please get in touch. 

If booking for more dogs/owners than is listed then please choose the highest number available and pay extra money by cash on the day or contact us to pay by bank transfer.
PLEASE NOTE. If you do not receive a confirmation email then your booking has probably not gone through. please contact us if you are unsure.