T & Cs

We are quite easy going at the Dog park, however we have found that we need to set out a few rules for when using the facilities and when making a booking.

Please read through these so you are familiar with them before booking and using the park.

Thank you.


  • We require 24 hours notice for cancellations otherwise full payment for your slot is payable. If it is a genuine emergency we will waver this fee. If you think this applies then please telephone us. WET/EXTREME HEAT WEATHER. we understand that the weather can sometimes be too much and change very quickly, if you wish to cancel due to weather then please let us know ASAP , it will be at our discretion if any monies are then due. NOTE; Failure to pay for short notice cancellations will result in a ban from the park.

  • Payment in full is required at time of booking for all new walkers and for those who have not been in the last 3 weeks

  • Please be aware that the equipment is designed for use by dogs, we don’t mind children playing but be aware that certain equipment is not strong enough for children to use


  • There is a paddling pool and a small swimming pool for dog use only, if you have children with you it is your responsibility to watch them and be aware of leaving children unattended near water.


  • We don’t mind people smoking but please pick up your nub ends and place them in the poo bin before leaving, along with any rubbish.


  • All dog poo must be picked up and bagged and either place in dog poo bin or take it home with you.


  • Try not to arrive no sooner than 5 to 10 minutes before your allocated time.


  • When you arrive your dogs must remain in the car until the previous walkers have put their dogs away, this is to prevent fights breaking out or nervous dogs getting scared.


  • All dogs must be back in your car by the end of your allocated time. We don’t mind a few extra minutes when we have no one else booked in but when others are waiting, if you go over your time, by the end of the day people are having to wait up to 15 mins after their booking in time.

  • All walkers do so at their own risk, no responsibility will be taken for loss or injury to dogs or walkers. All equipment is for use by dogs only, and you, the owners take full responsibility when using them.