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Terms & Conditions

We are quite easy going at the Dog park, however we have found that we need to set out a few rules for when using the facilities and when making a booking.

Please read through these so you are familiar with them before booking and using the park.

Thank you.

  • CANCELLATIONS.  No refunds will be given for cancelled slots.

  • RE SCHEDULING APPOINTMENTS. We require 48 hours notice  to reschedule your time slot.

  • This must be by telephone or email only. Any other form of communication will not be accepted.

  • Appointments can only be re scheduled once.

  • SLOTS ARE NON TRANSFERRABLE without prior permission. Anyone found to be doing this will result in  no access to the dog park. If prior agreement is sought then we may accept a transfer providing we have the details of new walkers and details of rules, access and directions can be sent to them.


  • CCTV is in operation at all times on these premises.

  • Payment in full is required at time of booking unless you already have a agreement in place.

  • NOTE; Failure to pay for short notice cancellations will result in a ban from the park

  • ONLY 1 CAR PER OWNER IS ALLOWED. If you wish to bring a additional car then please let us know.

  • EQUIPMENT.             ​Please be aware that the equipment is  for use by dogs only. 

  • No children or adults are allowed on any equipment. Failure to adhere to this will result in a ban from the park.

  • DO NOT allow dogs to chew on any equipment, including jump poles. Tyres are ok or rope toys.


  • There is a paddling pool and a small swimming pool for dog use only, if you have children with you it is your responsibility to watch them and be aware of leaving children unattended near water.

  • DIGGING.  Please do not allow your dog to dig holes. The land is on a scheduled monument and digging is detremental to it and is actually against the law.


  • SMOKING.    please pick up your nub ends and place them in the poo bin before leaving, along with any rubbish.


  • POO.         All dog poo must be picked up and bagged and either place in dog poo bin or take it home with you. There is also a scoop situated in the field to use if you prefer.

  • Occassionly, previous walkers may have  missed a poo. please either, put a flag by it, use the scoop to get it up or telephone us and we will come and remove it. 

  • ARRIVAL.   Try not to arrive no sooner than 5 to 10 minutes before your allocated time.


  • When you arrive your dogs must remain in the car until the previous walkers have put their dogs away, this is to prevent fights breaking out or nervous dogs getting scared.


  • Oak Tree field has  a alarm that will sound 3 minutes before your time is up. (It will sound every half hour, so for hour slots it will be the second alarm and so on). you must make your way back to your vehicle at this point. For Little Meadow, it is your responsibility to check times. All dogs must be back in your car by the end of your allocated time. Any one found to be going over their time wil be required to pay for the next 30 min slot.

  • Livestock are kept on these premises. Most of the time they are out of sight. Occasionally  sheep or cows may be next to Oak Tree field on one side. Little Meadow may have chickens in view. All the animals are very used to dogs so are not bothered by dogs barking. 6ft deer fencing & screening is on the fences to prevent access to them. 

  • If livestock are a problem to you then please get in touch prior to your arrival and we will do our best to move them out of range

  • All walkers do so at their own risk, no responsibility will be taken for loss or injury to dogs or walkers. All equipment is for use by dogs only. Owners take full responsibility when using them.

  • Both fields are  fully enclosed by 6ft deer fencing.  Every care is taken to prevent dogs escaping/jumping/digging out of enclosures, however, NO RESPONSIBILTY WILL BE TAKEN FOR DOGS SHOULD THEY JUMP OUT OF OR DIG UNDER THE FENCE.


  • As from the 31st December 2023.

  • All exempt dogs will be required to remain muzzled and on leads whilst in the car park.

  • After entering the first gate from the car park, there are padlocks provided for you to lock the gates from the inside to prevent any members of the public from accidentally entering.

  • Your dogs can then be let off leads without muzzles.

  • In order to comply with the fields classed as private, you will only be allowed to have exempt dogs off lead and unmuzzled, provided you are only with immediate family members(those who live at the same address)

  • You may bring all dogs owned/living with you at the same time.

  • All dogs who are accompanied by non family members must  remain muzzled and on leads.

  • This includes any group bookings or socialisation classes.

  • This is for the owners and your dogs own protection to ensure you are complying with the law.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure you follow the guidelines.

  • In case of emergency, we do have access through seperate gates that are kept padlocked by us.

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