Rules to use the park during the COVID - 19 outbreak.

At the moment we will remain open. We are have been in touch with the government and are awaiting some clarity on this and will update when we have answers. We feel we are operating an essential service in these dark times.  When here, you get complete isolation from anyone. For all the owners who have several dogs, who would end up walking 3 times a day instead of one if forced to walk around streets due to having to walk less dogs in one go, to the aged and slightly disabled, who are unable to walk long distance, they can come here for their daily exercise with family members and take a rest and enjoy the view while their partners can carry on around the field. We are offering people a little escape from what is going on at the minute to relax as a family with their dog safely getting all their exercise. We have seen how things are building up in the streets with more and more dog walkers having to pass each other in close proximity. We have NHS workers come here also, again, they feel safer here than anywhere. So fingers crossed the government will see the benefits that dog parks are offering and will allow us to remain open. Rules set out below must be adhered to at all times.


1. Anti viral spray is in place at all gateways, in the shelter and by the tap. please use these every time you use gates/tap/kettle, before and after use


2. Please try and use gloves on your visit


3. No contact will be had by our selves with you, any problems or questions then you can call us on 07779384708 or 07476395535. First time users will be given instructions after they book a slot.


4. All moneys to be either paid by bank transfer or placed in envelopes provided and then put into post box inside shelter.


5. NO GROUPS, one car only and only family members who are living in the same household may attend


6. Your visit here will be classed as your once daily exercise allowance


7. All slots will now end 5 minutes early in order to avoid contact with the next booking.


8. If you arrive early you must park at the other end of the car park and remain in your car until previous walkers have left the property.


9. Please keep main gateway closed at all times.

10. If you are feeling unwell or showing any symptoms of Covid-19 please defer your visit for 14 days for the safety of our other visitors.


                                            Thank you for your understanding at this time.





For those worried about travelling to the park, i have Just had this from the owners of another dog park.
From another dog park owner . **update**
Earlier today, I spoke with my local conservative MP over the telephone and asked whether we were able to remain open and specifically were people allowed to drive to the field?
She advised that she would need to check with the small business minister in central government and would get back to me.
She just called me back having spoke to him and said that yes, private fields are allowed to remain open and YES people can drive to the facility.
She advised that the apparent ban by some police forces to prevent people travelling for exercise was not government policy, rather that they had interpreted this in their own way. Largely to deter large numbers of people from congregating at the local woods/forest/beach etc. This I completely agree with.
The only proviso, for me and every other private field owner is that we are to strictly adhere to government policy on social distancing when our customers visit which we all do anyway.
one car only and only members/dogs from the same household.

We are seeking clarity on this information by way of my MP, Gavin williamson and also through environmental health, who, on our behalf is getting in touch with the government.